Big Top

I’d like to welcome you to a place where
nothing’s too weird or nonsensical, too sad or misshapen.
It all lives in and under The Playbox.


Inside The Playbox you’ll find an array of works that express the bulk of my story, beyond Pondering Pool – writings, drawings, sculptures, and videos that speak about such things as a love so deep, being a Band-Aid, compassion, neuroses, you had me at ha, and so much more. What doesn’t fit inside lovingly resides beneath, where it needn’t worry about smiling or taking care of anyone else, it can simply rest.

It’s taken me a while to be ready to talk about the delicate, sticky areas, but dammit, the poignant stuff can be very connective and healing, and dare say, funny.  On that note, I hope these works will not only be amusing and meaningful to you, but will inspire you to create, fill, and share your own Playbox.

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Breaking free

Big Top

So I’m sitting in my chair, twiddling my mind, tweaking each moment into a smile, when to my left I hear a roar then a burp.  He’s awakened, and if I don’t remain twiddled, chances are my smile will fall into a slack and drool and I’ll morph into a lap dog, there only to serve him.  I’ve managed over the years to step beneath his loud voice and negative vibrations and in so doing, burrowed underground.  To my delight, there was an entire circus awaiting me.  So instead of lowering my head in sorrow or subjugation, I clowned it up, made nice with the ringmaster and became friends with the wonderfully intriguing array of characters that lived beneath the “big top.”  This turned into my second home, where I grew new versions of myself full of charisma, humor and color (lots and lots of red) – take-offs on peculiar thoughts I’d always had but had been afraid to nurture for fear they’d send me spiraling out and away from home.  Then I realized they were my home.  Lucky me.


Tarletta – one of the many dear ladies I met who were born with a touch of clown.