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Artist's Choice

There are few tasks more
difficult than trying to
choose my favorite cards -
they've all been so utterly
pertinent to me during various
periods. However, after reading
them for the millionth time
(as if I didn't know what they say),
I believe these 14 selections best
represent the feelings from
which all my creations have
spawned. Indeed they're a roller
coaster, and that's OK, as long as
I dismount on the upswing.

It's a challenge, this living thing -
I'll be forever working on it.


Artist's Choice
includes 14 cards:

NC3 Working on it
NC16 Red tennies
NC21 Grieve not
NC23 Rainbow
NC30 Laughed to death
NC33 Matching points
NC44 Confidence
NC46 Elsewhere
NC52 Exhaust myself
NC56 Perfect pieces
NC63 Joyous
NC66 Liftoff
NC69 Abduction
NC83 Rinse and spit

And two writings:

Roll around the world
Stuff of dreams