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Kind words

When I said “Perhaps I’ll see you there” in the Pondering Pool description, I had no idea people would actually show up. But here we are, all splashing in the pool – some finding comfort and validation and others swimming off in directions of their own… masterfully riding the ripples. That I am able to live my passion is a blessing, that it helps others is more than I could ask. Below are some of my favorite words from the generous people who took time to write.

I am transported by the images and messages of The Pondering Pool and it's magician, Susan Mrosek. Take a dip, if you dare.

Jamie Lee Curtis

No, I may not know you, but I have met you before.  You are me if I had the imagination and creativity in writing and drawing that you've been blessed with.  Your talent reinforces my belief that the things I feel are more universal than just my own head. I wish you would write more so I could read more about me.

Thank you for sharing.

Shann in Oregon

Susan, you are truly a poet.  Fresh, creative, full of zest and spice, and full of the most wonderful way of meeting life head on with courage and strength.  It is no surprise that you are a cult figure that people admire and love and can't get enough of.  You are the person all of us would like to be – that is, those of us who can climb up to a position where we can learn what kind of a person we would LIKE to be.  Your writing has a way of giving people permission to just be who they are and be comfortable with themselves.  It lets us laugh at being too serious about things that are truly inconsequential.  It lets us stick our hand in things and places, where others tell us it doesn't belong, rummage around, and pull things inside out and get a good look at them with lots of  tickle-fun encouragement to do so.  You show us how to blow away and climb over, with elan, all the absurd and nasty indoctrination we grow up with, leave it behind, ignore it, and grow beyond it like a beautiful and funny butterfly with a few precious abnormalities.  I will be rereading and rereading.

Pat in Arizona

It's a desperate time in my world lately. And a better comfort than food right now is to read and re-read your bits of wisdom and humor and lose myself in the vision of a beautifully done portrait. Are you a doctor of the mind and heart? A scholar of life? Or just a person with the most spectacular gift of telling tales of woe and glee. Today I wish that I could brand one piece of your gift onto my soul. Tomorrow I will give it greater thought.

Elaine in Arizona

I have been SO MOVED by your art and words of inspiration that I had to write you.

I've been telling people that I'm rekindling my desire to create art, however I can't seem to start a painting on my own. I keep taking classes to make sure I'm "ready" to start, to do it right??? What's with that? Well, I've been reading and learning about some of my reasons for hesitations etc., and today I came across your cards for the first time. WOW! They blew me away!!!! I bought eight of them right there on the spot!!! First one I saw was “Exclamations," suddenly I could picture myself creating a drawing and feeling a sense of expression that I had never experienced before!  Then I read "She let go." Oh my gosh, it solidified the need I've had to do, which is stop using excuses! Just do it! Let go and do it. Then I read "Porcelain handle" and "There you have it," then "Exhaust myself," and finally "Bloomed" – that card truly gave me the encouragement to really believe that I will find my purpose, I will bloom, and there will be bright years ahead!!  You did all that for me in one little innocent trip to the hardware store (the flower shop next door is always a pleasure to stop in, so I did, and there you were).

So there you have it, I have been touched by your creation... you have "tweaked" my brain, my heart and my soul... and isn't that what art is about? I hope to do the same for someone else some day!

Madelene in Oregon

I received your wonderful book for Mother’s Day.  How very special it is and you are.  I’ve had one of  “those” years. Both parents died, my husband lost his job and we moved away from a place I loved.  Thanks to my son, my daughter-in-love and a close friend, there was always one of your cards taking me by the hand down the bumpy road.  When I had trouble finding my own words, you provided them for me! What a special talent you have.  Thank you and keep them coming... you never know when you’ll need some just a little more red.

Julie in Iowa

Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such beautiful work. There is such goodness there. Your illustrations and writing resonate with my deeper parts, plucking the cords of grief, longing, mysticism and giddiness that remind me that I am indeed alive.

Many thanks for making my life more thoughtful... our town more beautiful, our world more tolerant.

Mamie in Montana

No, no questions – just awe and gratitude.

I found Susan Mrosek's cards today and my life is more colorful for it. Not only are they funny and sad and insightful and quirky – the drawings are so lusciously twisted I cannot stop looking at them, tracing lines, tasting colors, letting myself be delighted over and over. I gave "Beside the point" to my significant other – and tomorrow I plan to hand "Working on it" to my art history professor together with a late paper on renaissance art patrons, hoping it will mitigate my tardiness.

You made me smile today – thank you.

Pia in Texas

I was floating in a pool, origin unknown, and had several drips of
thoughts, spreading in directions of their own, and I pondered, as long as
I could, while still floating... and then I awoke.

Thank you for wherever you come from... and more.

Jean in Oregon