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the words beneath them represent the text on the plaque.

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For today,
the grapes are green,
sweet, and plenty.

I stand, I reach, I yearn,
I bellow, and finally I live.

What do you do?

Hysteria –
it's an acquired taste.

It's all about fantasies
and deadwood –

chopping up useless thoughts...
clearing room to dream.

* She spoke
in exclamations

now that she found
her voice.

We must play all the keys,
seek the tunes only we can hear,
and deliver them to those
outside our box.

How delightfully rich
is one's mind,

when doused in hope
and left overnight to seed.

Today will be joyous,
for the beauty slamming against my face
is unwilling to be ignored.

We had a HUGE laugh like the old days.
It was on the tip of my tongue, exposed just enough
for her to "get" it before it ever left my mouth.

The day came when every morsel craved
was placed passionately upon her tongue,
and she felt deserving enough to swallow.

Even as an "adult,"
he refused to shut down the playhouse
and clear out the toys.
Joy Boy.

Our legs sometimes thread across one another's laps,
and whenever possible we indulge in a twisted neck embrace.
Then all bound up, the two of us sit beside the point,
creating exceptions to the rules.

You remember for me our innocence.

Present yourself –
as though you were a gift.

What can I say but I'm working on it,
all of it – everything in its entirety; I've left
nothing out. I can't say when it'll be complete,
only that I'll not cease until it's longer, rounder,
tighter...and with a little more red.

Our stress modules were intended only for liftoff,
not to be worn, adorned, reinforced,
or multiplied like the debilitating fuselage
we've come to tow.

He'd always looked,
but when he
looked this time
he had bloomed…

finally reaching
his point of purpose.

It was without a doubt
the brightest
year of his life.

* The nature of this image does not allow for a full bleed, therefore the words are included on the giclee.