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Heart of the Pool

The Heart of the Pool

Over the years I danced with a variety of media until one day, I unexpectedly began to write. It was beyond liberating! Though the words were meant to amuse and defuse only me, I was encouraged to illustrate and share them with others... and I did.

Sixteen years ago, I took the leap and created a line of note cards, posters and a book called Pondering Pool. It turned out to be very cathartic not only for me (and my sister/co-conspirator Diane Hope), but much to my surprise, people throughout the world. I'd always felt I had nothing to say, yet I curiously managed to create an entire cast of sweet, very outspoken characters, who thoughtfully show us that being different is a blessing.

Diane Hope passed on July 31, 2008, after a near lifelong struggle with OCD, and in the end Hepatitis C. It's important to me that people understand how much of the Pool is filled with her heart and muse (it's not the same in here without her). In fact, Pondering Pool was born for the most part in Diane's living room, kind of sideways, as we maneuvered our way through life with humor and an incessant need to speak truthfully about the hard stuff. We allowed ourselves to play, to braid our unraveled ends into beautiful bows and wear them proudly. How grateful I am for the heart filled years we spent together in creative frenzies, celebrating every detail of each other's works, laughing like we were dying from the joy of each other.

Having loved someone who many considered to be different and scary, I feel compelled to set the record straight - to help erase the stigma surrounding folks who don't fit the norm, for whatever reason, so that what's noticed are their incredible gifts.

There's nothing about ordinary or normal that rings true to me. I wouldn't want to outlaw conformity, but I'd sure like to tangle it up, so I can watch the dance as it tries to readjust - see its big eyes wondering and absorbing as they register the beauty of difference.