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The Artist

The Artist, Susan Mrosek

You've heard the one about a young girl who had nothing to say, was afraid of her own shadow and lived in a house with a scary green monster, right? Well, this little girl also had 5 siblings and a mother. That helped, but didn't actually make her feel safe enough to stand on her own two feet or speak with her special voice.

Instead, that soft spoken child, Susan, could often be seen traipsing through the house waving a ten foot needle, determined to sew her creative oats. And she has, via paintings, sculptures, cards, posters, a book, videos, etc. All at times have been her favorite, yet writing, she says, is by far the most freeing. It's what led her out of her silence and into the Pondering Pool.

Susan lives and creates in her tiny Tucson AZ studio - she, herself, is bite-size.